Every Wedding Day is Different

I’ve been chatting with a number of 2021 couples about their timeline and what their wedding day might look like. Every day looks so different, so I can’t say with total certainty what your day will look like, but I can give you a few tips when it comes to timeline planning. Save this post for future use when you’re planning! 

1. Always work with your photographer

on your timeline.

Although not all photographers may offer a timeline planning service, they’re one person who has dozens of weddings in their repertoire and so much experience to pull from when it comes to planning: from placement of certain elements, how long most things will take, secret tips for making things flow more smoothly—there’s a wealth of information there you don’t want to miss! I always help craft my clients’ timeline for them so that I am all filled in on exactly what they need, and so I can give advice for what to do when, and how long things are really going to take! 

2. List out a few priorities for your day that you want to make sure happen no matter what. 

It could be your first look, detail shots, getting your dress buttoned by someone you love, or a family tradition that you want to preserve and maintain on your day. Whatever it is, make sure to highlight them and set aside time for those things on your timeline so your photographer can prioritize!

3. Build in buffer time.

Especially around the getting-ready, travel, and family photos areas of your timeline. In my experience, those are the areas of the wedding day that can take a little longer than expected and can throw things off a bit. Makeup and hair usually take longer than planned. Also, groomsmen may be “lower maintenance” than the ladies, but they still somehow manage to slip in just under the wire...so keep that in mind. ;)

4. Your timeline is just a guide. It’s not set in stone!

This is the MOST important tip I can give you. Whatever you do, don’t treat your wedding day timeline like an all-powerful document. It is simply a tool—a guide—that can aid the people set in place to make your day wonderful. From personal experience, when I created my detailed timeline for my wedding day with my photographer, I knew that I wanted to be fully present, and I didn’t want to be worried about all the details when the big day came around. I made my super organized and detailed document with everything someone could need, and then I handed it off to my Mistress of Ceremonies (big shoutout to Sue!!). Because I had prepared, I was able to let go, and enjoy my day. And *spoiler alert* we followed the timeline, but not that closely, AND we actually left the reception a half hour earlier than planned because that was what we wanted in the moment! And I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

QUESTION: What’s one thing you want to make sure you highlight on your wedding day timeline? Or for my married friends, what’s one thing you did that you are so glad you prioritized on your wedding day?

Haylee & Kyle's Review

"NATALIE IS THE BEST. We got a bridal package with her and loved her the moment we got our engagement photos done. She is a calm presence on what can be a stressful day. She's creative in the poses and angles she takes. I AM OBSESSED with my wedding photo sneak peeks and her in general. The sweetest person you'll ever meet. Planning a wedding during the coronavirus was not an easy task and Natalie took the time to check in on us throughout the process. I will definitely have her shoot any other major events in my life." 


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