What does it mean to be a woman? With every year that passes, a redefinition takes place for me. As I’ve grown and changed, my definition of womanhood has changed as well. When I was younger it was drilled into me that to be a woman is to be inferior to men, to be unable to lead, to have an inherently shameful body, to be subservient.

These interpretations of womanhood never sat well with me. I resisted and rejected them, however when I was younger these doctrines and seeped under my skin without my consent. I hated my body for its curves. I didn’t look like those girls in TeenVogue and could never seem to have the body I thought I was meant to have, even after restricting my calories to 800 a day and running miles in 100 degree weather until the soles of my feet burned and I almost collapsed in someone’s front yard.

After I lost weight, I was praised! “Oh yeah I just started eating healthy and working out,” I’d say when my PE teacher who for some reason no longer hated me would ask how I lost weight. But then something changed: my body rejected running. After a while every time I ran I would get so sick I’d have to inch home. After high school I realized I needed to unlearn these lies. I decided to try to love myself instead. I stopped counting and just lived. I actively tried to unlearn the lies and realized just how harmful those things had been. I’m still unlearning and learning.

This path toward self love is a long journey, and I have a feeling it will never stop. I’m not the expert, but I can tell you a few things I’ve learned: women are strong. women are kind. women are caring. women are intuitive. women are wise. women are powerful. Lean into your power—nurture it and let it grow.

Don’t be afraid to take up space.

Boudoir sessions with me are more than just taking photos, they're a chance to take your power back, to love yourself completely and radically for all you are: every curve, stretch mark, angle, and dimple. We'll listen to your favorite hype-up music and have a fabulous time. I'll coach you every step of the way so that you will always feel like the confident and gorgeous woman you are!

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