Your wedding day isn't about the pictures.

Yes, let me say that again for you--it's not about the pictures! It's about you and the one you love. It's about surrounding yourself with friends and family and people who love and support you in this new journey we call marriage. Marriage is a beautiful and mystical thing. I seriously cry at every wedding I go to (lol). There are some things that happen--that change inside you--that I simply cannot explain in words when it comes marriage. It deserves reverence and respect which I aim to give it through the images I capture, but even more, through the way we work together on your wedding day.

As a photographer I get a special behind-the-scenes view of your day together. I get to follow you around, fluff your train, hold your bouquet, and grab you that drink!

What I love about wedding days is that I not only get to witness one of the most special days of your life as a couple, but I get to be there to help wherever I can.

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