my number-one posing tip

Get frisky!! That’s right! Kiss, touch, tickle, grab ‘em. I am always asking my clients to interact with one another during their sessions. ⁣Your engagement photos are about the story of your relationship & who you are—together! When you’re interacting with each other, you start to forget you’re having your picture taken, and instead your session becomes a moment where you get to appreciate one another more. ⁣

I love seeing my clients blossom in front of my camera. It only takes a couple minutes of me directing to get you feeling comfy and giggly together. ⁣ Katie & Nate barely had any photos together before their engagement shoot, but you would seriously never tell, because they turned up the steam on this shoot! Instead of directing and posing 100% of the time, I got to document their affection for one another.