It was a close call...

Natalie contacted me to take her maternity photos just days before she ended up having her beautiful baby girl. We met at their home and walked down the road to a trail that led to a beautiful little with what used to be a Christmas tree farm. It was a little slice of private solitude. ⁣

⁣ She and Luke were clearly giddy to meet their little one, and if the love they share is any indication, that baby girl is very, very loved. I asked Natalie to talk to baby Cora and tell her what she wants her to know before she comes. She looked down and told her about how good she is. ⁣

⁣ She hadn’t even been born yet, but Natalie already knew that her baby girl was good, and she hadn’t even done anything to deserve it. ⁣Sometimes I think we need that reminder. That before you did anything, you were good. You were made good. There’s a lot that has happened since you were a child, but you’re still good.