Spring Wishlist 2017

March 13, 2017

I hated pink for most of my life. I have an older brother, and wearing pink was not a way to score friendship points with him. Now that we're older, my brother could not care less what I wear, and I'm left with no pink in my closet.

I'm pretty happy with my spring wardrobe (and therefore this list is quite short), except pink is such a spring color, and I feel like I don't have enough of it (and therefore this list has a lot of pink on it).
  1. Pink pinafore dress // After buying the pinafore dress off my Autumn Wishlist, I fell in love with this type of dress. Even though I only just started wearing them, the pinafore dress quickly became a staple of my wardrobe.

    Now, I want to collect them in as many colors as possible. It turns out that on ASOS, they have a pink one in the exact same style as the navy one I bought over the summer, so I'm probably going to go buy that right after I publish this post..
  2. Pink cardigan // If I had to pick one signature item of my wardrobe, it would probably be the cardigan. I have a cardigan in almost every color, but pink is missing.
  3. Pink scalloped skirt // I've wanted a scalloped skirt for a really long time. Like, so long that I can't even remember what inspired me to want one. I decided to get one in pink because, again, I don't have a lot of pink skirts.
  1. Pink pullover raincoat // A girl on my lacrosse team used to have a pullover raincoat, you know, the ones with the big kangaroo pouches on the front? Well, since then, I have always wanted one of these, and pink because pink.
  2. Frill collar blouse // I love, love, love layering sweaters over blouses, but I decided that I wanted to try a different kind of blouse than just always layering sweaters over a button down. I thought this look would be perfect for spring because the frill collar is so delicate and feminine.
  1. Cropped pullover sweater // Speaking of layering, I think a super sophisticated look is wearing a cropped sweater over a button down shirt. I thought this formula would be perfect for spring because you can still layer, but you won't be quite as hot in the rising temperatures.
  2. Rose print top // I thought a top with some floral details would be perfect to go under the pink pinafore dress. This seems like a pretty simple item to look for, but I actually haven't been able to find anything that I like so far.
Although it is still pretty cold out where I am, I am still very excited for spring. Especially because of all of the new outfits I will be able to wear this season!

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