Autumn Wishlist 2016

August 8, 2016

Hello again, wonderful internet friends! Today I am super excited to tell you that I have a wishlist post for you.

My wishlist posts are some of my favorites. I love showing you guys what I hope to wear the upcoming season. I've also decided that autumn is probably my favorite season, at least as far as style goes, so this post is especially special for me.

I don't have too many items on my list this year because lately, I've honestly just felt like I own too much clothing. However, there will always be some pieces each season that I have to have.

  1. Pinafore dress // I used to have a dress in this style, but I gave it to my friend Amy because she looks a lot cuter in it than I did. I decided, though, that I still like the style of dress, but the pattern of the one I had just wasn't right for me.
  1. Bell sleeve dress // I haven't actually found one that I like yet, but I just love the flowy, princess-y look of a bell sleeve dress.
  2. Flapper-inspired dress // I just watched Scream Queens, and while I wasn't too interested in the plot of the show, I continued to watch because the girls' outfits were all just too fabulous. All the feathers and fur reminded me of styles from the early twentieth century.

    I started looking at vintage and vintage-inspired dresses, and everything I found was so beautiful.

  1. Capelet // I've wanted a capelet forever, and I think they're especially perfect for the autumn when it can be chilly but not cold enough for a jacket.
  2. Button back sweater // I've been looking for a replacement dusty rose sweater since 2014. I have this one skirt that I can only picture with this color sweater.
    When I found this one, I fell in love because it is not only the perfect color, but it also has buttons going down the back, and I just love anything with buttons.

  1. Metallic gold flats // I already have metallic flats that are silver and rose gold, so I thought I should add some gold ones to my collection.

    I love metallic flats so much because if I don't have a pair of shoes that matches my outfit, I can just match my shoes to my jewelry instead, and it looks great.
  2. Brown flats // This is just something that I need to replace. Brown flats are so important in my autumn wardrobe because they pair so well with all the autumn colors.
    This year, I opted for a darker brown shade because I can't pass up flats with an ankle strap.
What's on your wishlist this autumn?

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